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Sunday, 8-Apr-2012 14:10
Majlis Ilmu/Qatam Al-Qur'an...
First class that I attended after 2 weeks away was Ustaz Sharif's. It really felt good to be back in majlis ilmu. Although I was taking in the sheer beauty of Allah's creations in other land, I still missed classes. Ustaz explained on " Najis2 Yang DiMa'afkan," responded to many questions from the floor, including from me. That evening, a friend qatam Al-Qur'an and a few of us joined her in her joy. Our ustazah will be holding a majlis qatam beramai-ramai on 8th July. Although I had completed my one to one recital with our ustazah two years ago, I'll be included in this majlis as well, alhamdulillah.

Yang-It really helps healing to have friendly staff of hospital around us. I always admire unassumming big bosses. Kadang kala, org bukan Islam lebih banyak mencerminkan nilai2 murni dari orang Islam sendiri. I shall upload more flowers for the nurses to see. Kalau ada rezeki ke mana-mana lagi, I'd definitely want to go in spring.....

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